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Vasilyevich Bryansky

Russia • 1830−1908

Class artist 1-th degree (1868), was born in Kiev in 1831, from 1850 to 1855 he studied painting at the academician K. S. Pavlov, who taught drawing at the University of St. Vladimir, and then wrote in the Ukraine, mostly portraits. In 1864, arrived in St. Petersburg until 1869, received annually at the Academy of Arts differences in the order of gradualism. In 1864-2 silver medal for the painting "the girl at the harvest"; 1865-1 silver medal for the painting "Girl". 1866-the title of class artist of 3 degrees; in 1867, the title of class artist of 2 degrees. The title of the artist 1-th degree of the Bryansk received in 1868 with the gold medal for the expression in the picture ""the Bride, received back the engagement ring"" (property of the Academy). Wrote a lot of portraits and female heads. In 1888 - 1889 exhibited in Saint-Petersburg and Kiev, his painting ""the virgin"". Of his paintings, besides those mentioned, let's call it: "the"Heavy moment"" (1869), ""Portrait of Princess Kurakina, M. E.,"" (1870), ""Unnoticed work"" (1874), portraits after A. P. Filosofova , B. P. Obukhova, O. N. Engelhardt and others (1876), ""In August"" (1887).

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