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Evlampievich Bublikov

Russia • 1871−1942

Born in Nizhyn. From 1888 he studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of arts in A. Kuindzhi, I. Shishkin; received silver medal in 1892 – a small, in 1893 – big; he graduated in 1896, the title of the artist awarded for landscape "seashore". From 1897 he participated in the exhibitions of OH, O-VA im. A. Kuindzhi (was a member of the island from 1926). He mainly painted seascapes. The painting "ice-breaker "Krasin" conducts convoy" (1937) was exhibited at the world exhibition in new York in 1939.

Student of the Academy of Arts from 1888 to 1896 had small and large promotional silver medals (1892 and 1893); October 30, 1896-the title of artist for landscape "seashore". (Kondakov)

Already in the first papers ("Before the squall", 1898; "the Storm", 1903) Bagels, developing the traditions of I. Aivazovsky, acted as master of realistic sea landscape. In the works created after the October revolution, the artist remains true to his chosen theme ("Fresh wind", 1925; "Flurry", 1926; "the Finnish coast", 1935, etc.). Bagels at the same time he created paintings depicting the teachings and fighting the Soviet Navy ("Battleship Andrew SR suppresses the revolt," 1936; "the Icebreaker Krasin conducts convoy", 1937; "In the Wake column", 1937; "pilotage icebreaker "Ermak", 1940). Despite the relative uniformity of artistic techniques (repetition of composition, color scheme) of the best works are notable for the expressiveness of the images and completeness of form.

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