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Vasilievna Bubnova

Russia • born in 1968

Born November 18, 1968 in the family of artists, and early childhood was spent in the workshop of his grandfather and grandmother - sculptors. For a long time, relatives were her teachers of painting and sculpture. Later, professors Yu.A.Tur and S.S.Fedorov, professors from MVHPU (b. Stroganov) became teachers She studied for a total of four years. In 1996 she graduated from Moscow State Institute of Arts and Architecture. VI Surikov, Faculty of Art, headed by Professor MF Kiselev. Her teachers were Professor N.А.Pomerantseva, Associate Professor V.P.Maletin. At the same time she was engaged in painting in the workshop of Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts N.I. Andronova. In the spring of 1997, she joined the Moscow Union of Artists. Since the autumn of 1988, works have been exhibited at many autumn and spring exhibitions held by the Moscow Union of Artists, as well as at many other exhibitions.


"Fish as it is" Moscow, gallery "Three Houses" 1996

Gostiny Dvor: Postmodernism Moscow, Three Houses Gallery 1996

“Yards. Version II: farewell to the stereotype "Moscow, the House-Museum of V. Vysotsky 1996

"St. Petersburg - Moscow" St. Petersburg, Manege 2000

"Moscow - St. Petersburg" Moscow, Manege 2001

"Nature mort & nature vivant" Moscow Ministry of Agriculture, 2000, together with Alice Bubnova-Tsitsianova

“Fish, fish, poisson” Ministry of Agriculture, 2001, together with Alice Bubnova-Tsitsianova and Maria Arendt

"Moscow through the eyes of the young" Moscow, 2001

Fishka-pub I, Central House of Artists, 2002, together with Alisa Bubnova-Tsitsianova and Maria Arendt

“Moscow through the eyes of the young” Peru, 2002

"Moscow through the eyes of young" Chile, 2002

"Moscow through the eyes of the young" Moscow, 2002

Fishka-pub II, Central House of Artists, 2003, with Alice Bubnova-Tsitsianova and Maria Arendt

"50 years of the Association of monumental artists" 2004, Kuznetsky Most, 11

"14 artists from the same family" 2004, Central Exhibition Hall of Podolsk

"The principle of the snail" gallery ARTPLAY, 2005, together with Evgeny Shcheglov

“Memoria` 05 '2005, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

"Babylonian bull" 2005, Nile

gallery, Moscow region

"Power`06" 2005, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Annual Balance 2006, Nile Gallery, Moscow Region

“Monumentalists of Moscow” 2006, Kuznetsky Most, 11


Bratislava, Slovakia, 2004

Berlin, Germany, 2005

Houston, USA, 2006

Works in architecture

Stained glass for the kitchen-dining room in a private residential building in the suburbs. (Architect Tatiana Kornienko) The basis for the stained glass was the photographs of textured glass: a collage was made, and then printed on plexiglass and inserted into a niche prepared in the ceiling.

The basis of the old screen with modern panels with fish (plexiglass) "Aquarium underfoot" - ceramic tiles with fish printed on it

"Aquarium underfoot" - ceramic tiles with fish printed on it

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