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Vasilyevna Bulgakova

Russia • born in 1951

Biography and information

Born in Moscow. O.V. Bulgakova graduated from the Moscow State Art Institute. IN AND. Surikov (1969 - 1975). Her teacher was D.K. Mochalsky. Starting with the painting “Theater”, Bulgakova’s work turns into a special kind of theater - the theater of masks. In 1977-1978 the series “Performance” and “Clowns. One of the first paintings of these series is “Presentation” (1977). Against a dark flickering background, a little sparkling with colored highlights, a circus game takes place - gymnasts, balancers, magicians juggle objects, forming strange pyramids. This gaming atmosphere is in sharp contrast with a whole gamut of human feelings and conditions conveyed with great certainty. And the more ridiculous, the more impossible the pose, the more serious the face, sometimes concentrated, sometimes sad. A significant place in Bulgakova’s work is occupied by paintings dedicated to Gogol and Pushkin. The artist says: “One of my favorite topics is creativity, its difficult, dramatic side. I'm very interested in Gogol. He’s not only interested in, but haunted by his tragic life, a phenomenon of creativity that burns a creative personality when an artist creates art from his nerves, from his very life ... ”


Among the famous works of the artist is the painting "Gogol", "Theater. Actress Marina Neyelova "(1976).



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Born in Moscow in 1951. Studied at the Moscow State Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov.

Collections: State Tretyakov Gallery; Timing; museums of Kemerovo, Omsk, Pavlodar, Saratov; Moscow Museum "Pleiades"; Zimmerly Museum, New Jersey, USA; collection of P. Ludwig, Germany; collection of C. Kesey, USA; International Museum of 20th Century Art (TIMOTCA), USA.



Main exhibitions: 1976 - Moscow, State Tretyakov Gallery, "Self-portrait in Russian and Soviet art". 1979 - Sofia, Bulgaria, International competition of young artists and painters (Grand Prix). 1980 - Belgrade, Yugoslavia, International Triennial of Contemporary Art. 1981 - Moscow, "Exhibition of 23 Moscow artists". 1985 - Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Hannover, Germany, Russian and Soviet art, "Traditions and Modernity". 1986-1987 - Riga, Latvia, Tallinn, Estonia, "Exhibition of 6 Moscow painters." 1987 - Dublin, Ireland, "Exhibition of 8 Moscow painters." 1989 - London, Great Britain, "Moscow Artists in London". 1990 - Leningrad, Manege, "Exhibition of 26 Leningrad and Moscow artists." 1990 - Sukli, Pennsylvania, USA, O. Bulgakov, A. Sitnikov, Gallery "International Images". 1990-1991 - Ogayo, USA, Columbus Museum of Art, "Search for Expression. Painting of Moscow and Leningrad 1965-1990." 1993 - Moscow, State Tretyakov Gallery, group exhibition "Dreams reveal the essence of things." 1994-1995 - Washington, USA, Charles Summer School Museum, "True Russia. Contemporary Painting and Sculpture". 1997 - New York, USA, Zalman Gallery, personal exhibition. 1997 - Moscow, Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin, "The world of sensual things in paintings." 1997-1998 - New York, Paris, Lisbon, "Art Over the Borders, UNESCO and the International Museum of Art of the 20th Century (TIMOTCA). 1999 - The Hague, Holand Art Fair, O. Bulgakova, A. Sitnikov, Gallery" De Twee Panwen ". 1999-2000 - New York," Dreams 1900-2000 "," Equitable Gallery ".

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