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Alexandrovich Bulkin

Russia • born in 1924
Born on 20 April 1924 in the village Kostoma the Yaroslavl region in a peasant family.
In the mid 30-ies of the family settled in Arkhangelsk, buying a small house in Solombala. In 1942 he went to the front. There his talent for painting was noticed and the young artist was transferred to the Karelian front to the editor of the front newspaper. Soon after the war Boris was enrolled in the fourth year of the Yaroslavl art school. From 1949 to 1984 he worked as an artist in the Archangel branch of the Art Fund of the USSR.
Over the years he created dozens of paintings glorifying the discreet beauty of Northern nature. Solovki, Karelia, the White sea - the favorite themes of the artist.

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