Konstantinovich Bureev

Russia • 1900−1972

Born 16 (28) January 1900 in the village of Sergino Vladimir province. Honored artist of the RSFSR (1974, posthumously). Member of the Union of artists of the RSFSR in 1941. Hereditary icon painter. Younger brother K. V. Bureeva. In the years 1912-1917 he studied at the educational workshops of the Committee of guardianship of Russian icon-painting from the master I. M. Bakanova. Participant in the civil war. Returning home, he worked in the lumber camps. In 1928 he was accepted (one of the first) student at the Artel of ancient painting. Teacher - I. I. Golikov. Did a lot of copying of his works. A member of the Cooperative since 1930. Died 8 Sep 1972, buried in Palekh.

Was engaged in monumental painting (pavilion Central regions VSHV (1939)), Teatralna decorative art (scenery for the Opera "the Golden Cockerel" to the Saratov Opera and ballet theatre (1947) under the direction of N. M.Parilova), restoration, porcelain painting, book illustration (book Bazhov "Stone flower" together with A. V. Kovalev). Themes of works: folklore, literature, genre scenes, threesomes, hunting, the modern village. Participant of exhibitions since 1932. The work of G. K. Bureeva are stored in museums: gmpi, timing, Umgeni, PIM, SHAMS, OC Ivanovskoye, Perm state art gallery.

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