Albertovna Bystritskaya

Russia • born in 1961

Born in Moscow in 1961, Studied with A. Zinger and Yu. Burdzhelyana. In 1985 he graduated from Moscow Printing Institute. A member of the artists Union since 1993 Since 1982 exhibitions: youth, Moscow, international (China, Germany). The winner of the award "Golden brush" (1992). Pictures are stored in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Vladivostok, the regional museums of Vologda, Bryansk, in private collections of Russia, USA, Germany, England, Yugoslavia, Austria, Turkey, China, Israel, France.

Born in Moscow in 1961. He graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1985, the same year was admitted to the USSR Union of artists.Since 1982 participates in exhibitions. The winner of the award "Golden brush" in 1992. Bystritskaya paintings are in museums and galleries of Vladivostok, Vologda, Bryansk, the New Jerusalem, in private collections of Russia, USA, Germany and other countries.

In 2006 Galina Albertovna released literary edition of "Artography" (Preface, V. A. Tolstoy), including reproductions of paintings Bystritskaya, dedicated to travel, and of travel essays written most Bystritskaya and a number of writers and journalists.

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