Aleksandrovich Valtsefer

Russia • 1928−1983

Thesis in the CVC - a series of drawings and prints, "V. I. Lenin and A. M. Gorky", the evaluation - excellent. The training took place in the graphical Department. Qualified graphic artist.

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

(1928, Samara – 1983, Leningrad)

Russian Soviet graphic artist.

In 1948, after graduating from mshsh, entered the ER, where he studied in 1954 by A. F. Pakhomov.

As the thesis presented a series of drawings and lithographs of "Lenin

and A. M. Gorky".

Participant of exhibitions since 1953.

Illustrated and designed books for Kuibyshev book publishing house Detgiz.

Since 1961, was headed by Kuibyshev House of folk art.

The works of Valafar inherent softness of the colors and lyricism, they beat on the irrevocable sixties with ice skating in the city Park, may day fireworks

and serene-pink dawns.

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