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Vasilyevich Vasilyev

Russia • born in 1833

Biography and information

An auditor student at the Academy of fine Arts. In 1854-2 silver medal. In 1855 it was awarded the title of free artist of portrait painting. (Kondakov)

Artist, Acad. Peterb. AH (1857). B. D. all saints in Vyshnevolotskiy. (now udomelsky district) in the family of serfs. In 1847 he studied with A. G. Venetsianov, and at his request he was liberated. He studied at the Academy, from 1850-ies. participated in the annual exhibitions of the Academy. The author of portraits Redlewai (1852), Rajewski (1855), paintings by "the Court of king Solomon" (1854), "the mother of God with the Praeternal infant" (1858), etc.

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