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Biography and information

Raoul Hausmann (Raoul Hausmann, July 12, 1886, Vienna, Austria – February 1, 1971, Limoges, France) – Austrian painter, a Central figure in the Dadaist movement in Berlin. The love of art instilled in Hausmann father is an artist and professional restorer. In 1990 the family moved to Berlin, where Raul was trained painting and sculpture, showing a special interest in human anatomy and drawings of Nudes. After graduation, Hausmann joined the German expressionists. At the same time he began his writing career. In 1917, the artist became acquainted with the philosophy of the Dadaists and became part of the movement "anti-art". Hausmann founded the Berlin club Dada, and wrote a Manifesto of the movement. In this period the basis of his work are collages, but after Dada ceased to exist, the artist returned to more traditional forms of art – photography and drawing. With the outbreak of the Second World war, Hausmann moved around a lot (his wife was Jewish), and finally, in 1944, finally settles in the French Limoges. Until the end of his life the artist continues to photograph and publish.

Features of the artist Raoul Hausmannin 1918, begins to create collages using photo montage, combining and superimposing on each other fragments of images and texts found in mass media. In addition, the artist became famous due to the scandalous assemblages, created from ready-made objects. But the bulk of his works are photos – mostly Nude, landscapes and portraits.

Famous works by Raoul Hausmann: "The spirit of our time", "Art critic", "ABCD".

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov
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