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Bogdanovich Wenig


Revel 1830 - 1908 St-Petersburg

Studied at the Imperial Academy of arts under F. A. Bruni (1844). Pensioner of the Imperial Academy of arts in Italy (1853-1862). 1860 - academician, 1862 - Professor. Taught at the Imperial Academy of arts (1862-1894). Participant of the exhibitions of the Imperial Academy of arts (since 1852), St Petersburg society of artists.

For all the shortcomings that took place at the Academy of fine arts, academic education gave students in her talent (and untalented it was not studied). Specified in advance, a fairly coherent system of education, excellent teachers, overseas fellowship trip were those components that allow budding artists in the future to Express themselves. It was a school passed and Karl Bogdanovich wenig, author of numerous paintings on historical, biblical and mythological subjects. He wrote and genre scenes, while remaining in their typical representative of academic art. Otherwise it could not be, more than thirty years since K. B. wenig was Professor of historical and portrait painting Academy, was in charge of it in recent years, suiting the class. In the seventies of the XIX century, Karl Bogdanovich wenig participated in the decoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. Many works are in museums and art galleries in the country. Submitted reproduction paintings — direct evidence of great talent and high skill K. B. Venig.

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