Nikolaevich Verevochkin

Russia • born in 1958

Biography and information

Born October 19, 1958 in Moscow.

He graduated from one of the higher technical educational institutions of Moscow... and suddenly dropped everything and became a freelance artist.

Painting signed by Alexander Verevochkin can be seen in private galleries in Washington and Mexico city, Bratislava and Bern, Paris and Vienna.

The artist Alexander Verevochkin cannot be contained within rigid stylistic definitions. His works are the fruit of long searches and composite rational build colors and will instant, the active energy outlet. In this respect he is close to painting expressionism, but not at the level of style, and the adequacy of the senses, in philosophical foundations.

An impressive variety of themes, genres and creative methods, which has Verevochkin, further confirms its artistic originality and ability - as well as other major artists to the creative transformation.

His work is simultaneously a metaphysical interpretation of the present, and care in other spaces, in the images they have created themselves a mythological system.

The artist has had 29 solo exhibitions in Moscow, including the exhibition at the international trade Centre (1989), a solo exhibition at the Taganka Theatre (1992) and in the Tretyakov gallery (1993).

The spiritual height of the artist matches the beauty of decorative colors. They are the same decorations as the largest private collections in the world, and commercial organizations and institutions, banks and offices of many countries.


1989 - Participated in the apartment exhibitions

1989 - Participation in a group exhibition at the world trade Center

1989 - Personal exhibition in the gallery "Record"

1990 - Personal exhibition in gallery "Action"

1991 - Personal exhibition in gallery "Arbat 34"

1991 - Personal exhibition in gallery "Izograf"

1991 - Exhibition in the Central house of writers

1991 - Personal exhibition in the Exhibition hall (Izmaylovskiy PR, 4)

1991 - Participation in exhibition at Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28

1992 - Personal exhibition in the Theatre on Taganka

1992 - Personal exhibition in the Hungarian Trade mission

1993 - Exhibition at the State Tretyakov gallery

1993 - Personal exhibition in the cultural center APN

1993 - Personal exhibition in the complex "Izmailovo" KORRUS

1994 - Personal exhibition in club "the Royal"

1994 - Personal exhibition in Academy of national economy

1994 - participation in the exhibition in the Central house of workers of arts

1995 - Exhibition in the gallery of the International University

1995 - Personal exhibition in the publishing house "Security"

1995 - permanent exhibition at "Salon 24" on the Leningrad prospectus (1995-1998)

1995 - Personal exhibition in the Museum-apartment of Andrei Bely

1996 - Exhibition in club "the White cockroach"

1996 - Presentation at the Colombian Embassy

1996 - Personal exhibition in the Bank Russian credit (1996-1997)

1996 - the permanent exhibition in the theater cats Yuri Kuklachev (1996-1999)

1997 - Personal exhibition in the gallery "Aesthetics"

1997 - Exhibition in the "Museum of Man"

1998 - Personal exhibition in gallery "Karenina" (Vienna, Austria)

2004 - Participation in the exhibition ATPTS in exhibition centre Sokolniki