Yanovich Widberg

Russia • 1890−1970

Born in 1890 in Mettawa, then provincial city of the Russian Empire, in the family of an employee of the Bank. The schoolboy was lost in the Studio of a local artist. In 1908, his father sent him to the picturesque school of Baron Stieglitz (workshop Brencena K., painter on glass). After seven years of graduate work Vidbergs was a silver tea set. A great influence on Sigismund creativity had a Lancer, Somov, Narbut, Chekhonin. Vidbergs deals with graphics. In the first world of the artist mobilized, he falls for the aviation detachment. In the revolution illustrate biblical episodes. Works for bread too. In 1921 went to Latvia. His hobby is book graphics. In 1926 in Riga held a major exhibition of the artist. The artist illustrates the "Kamasutra". Publishes an album of erotic drawings. Some time teaches drawing and composition at the art Academy. In 1944, leaving Latvia to the West, then to America.

Born in Mitau. The future artist's father was an accountant and served in the office of the state Bank.

Sigismund from an early age he discovered a penchant for drawing. but practical father insisted on Sigismund entered the city real school. However, the boy spent more time in the painting workshop local artist, J. Walter.

In the end, the father sends him in 1908, is studying in the capital to St. Petersburg. Sigismund determined at the famous art school of Baron Stieglitz, the Studio of Karl Brencena - painter on glass.

For seven years he spent within the walls of the famous school that gave the world art, so many glorious names. Thesis Vidbergs - a silver tea set in the style of XVIII century.

But the young artist does not attract the application of art. In Russia there are such masters as Lancer and Benois, Bilibin, Catfish, Narbut, Chekhonin... the Latter had a particularly large impact on Vidbergs. Socastee Aesthetic positions of artists Association "World of Art", he does a lot of graphics, occupies a leading role in the partnership.

It was a difficult time for the arts. The world was thundering salvos of the First World war. As a citizen of the Russian Empire Sigismund Vidbergs mobilized, and he gets to the aviation group.

The revolutionary events of 1917 and the restless character of the era reflected in his chart. She becomes more expressive and nervous.

In an environment of hunger, cold, and ruin the artist for some time illustrates the biblical episodes from the life of the first humans in Paradise, is taken for any job.

In 1921 he went from Soviet Russia to Latvia, where he takes a lot of serious to book graphics.

In 1926, in Riga opened the exhibition Vidbergs - 145 works. The artist proves that he has fully mastered the art of the line. In the same year he published his album erotic drawings that brought the artist fame and money. He has illustrated a number of books with erotic content, and they strengthen the glory of a great painter.

During the Second World war Vidbergs - fifty. For some time he taught drawing and composition at the art Academy. And in 1944 went from Latvia to the West and then emigrated to America. 25 years of the artist in exile.

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