Petrovich Viktorov

Russia • 1909−1981

Biography and information

The poster. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

1909 was Born in Samara.

1927-1931 studies at the Moscow state technical school of fine arts in memory of the 1905 revolution.

Since the late 1920s, a member of youth Association of artists of Russia.

Since 1935 working in the field of poster.

The participant of the great Patriotic war.

1940s - 1970s, Takes the socio-political posters for publishing houses ", Izogiz", "Fine art". Prepares and illustrates the magazines "Spark", "Soviet warrior", "Wings of Motherland", "Knowledge is power" and others.

Since 1954 in the all-Union chamber of Commerce - an artist-designer of the Soviet exhibitions abroad (Shanghai, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Milan, Izmir, Vienna, Oklahoma, Damascus).

From 1956 he also Painted for magazines "Knowledge - force", "Soviet soldier".

1974-1981 Worked in the publishing house "Poster".

1981 Died in Moscow.