Alexandrovich Winkler

Russia • 1860−1911

Was born in Tallinn and studied in Rivalscom University studying Philology and arts (Prof. Gloss).

In 1889 he was sent to Berlin to study with Hermann Jeschke, then in Lausanne at George learns Your watercolor techniques.

The artist traveled a lot, visited Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Italy.

K. A., Winkler he exposed his works in the Riga City Museum, also in Rome, the theatre of Marcellus.

Born in revel (now Tallinn), Estonia. In 1884 he graduated from the philological faculty of the University of revel. Received professional art education first at K. and A. Norlander Flutter in Reval, later G. Eshke in Berlin and G. vey in Lausanne (1889 – 1891). In 1896 he received the diploma of teacher of drawing. From 1893 he participated in art exhibitions, including X exhibition Church (1899), exhibitions, TRA, Estonian literary t-VA, Petersburg S, St. Petersburg t-VA artists, T-VA artists of graphic arts and others In 1911 and 1926 in Tallinn was held the personal exhibition of the artist. Lived and worked in revel, Lausanne (1890), St Petersburg (1896 – 1902), later in Italy. Works are in the collections of the Saratov HMM they. A. Radishchev, Tallinn HMM, the Tula regional HMM.

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