Ivanovna Wittmann

Russia • born in 1916

Biography and information

Born in Moscow in 1916 and In 1944 graduated from Moscow GOV't. khudozh. Institute. V. I. Surikov, workshop Osmerkin. Annual participant of many Moscow, Republican and all-Union exhibitions. Personal exhibitions took place in Moscow and other cities of Russia and abroad. Since 1948 a member of the artists Union of the USSR. Works are in museums, galleries, private collections in Russia, CIS, USA, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, etc.

Born in 1916 in Moscow. He studied at the preparatory courses College of printing in Leningrad.

In 1936, on the recommendation of I. Brodsky, adopted at the Russian Academy of arts im. I. E. Repin. 1941 3rd course. Leningrad. Blockade. Students served by the firemen saved the building of their city after enemy bombing. In February 1942 the Institute was evacuated to Samarkand. In 1944, arrives in Moscow, translated in Institute. Surikova. A member of the Union of artists of the USSR since 1948. A veteran of the great Patriotic war. Awarded the title “Hero of the fire service”. Awarded the medals “For defense of Leningrad”, the jubilee.

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