Fedorovich Vikhrev

Russia • 1909−1983

Born on 4 (17) April 1909 in the town of Shuya, Vladimir province. Honored teacher of the RSFSR (1971). Member of the Union of artists of Russian Federation since 1944. Brother of the writer E. F. Vikhreva. In the 1920s, he studied at Shuya pedagogical College. Worked in the library in Shuya. In 1932-1933 he studied at the vocational school of Palekh, in the years 1934-1941 - at the Moscow Institute of fine arts. Surikova. Teacher - N.Uh.Radloff. Since 1942 he worked in the Association of Palekh hudozhnikov. In the years 1943-1971 taught at the Palekh art College, was a teacher. Died 18 Mar 1983, buried in Palekh.

The theme of the work: history, literature, the Great Patriotic war, modern. Participant of exhibitions since 1933.

Work N.F.Vikhreva are stored in museums: gmpi, the Russian Museum, the Ivanovo OXM, OXM Tula, Perm state art gallery, GMAN, Voronezh, OKM, HF Russia.

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