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Raphaelle Peale
United States 1774−1825
Biography and information
Rafael Drank (Raphaelle Peale, February 17, 1774, Annapolis, USA — March 4, 1825, Philadelphia, PA, USA) is considered the first professional American painter who worked in the genre of still life.
Municipal Museum of the city of Baltimore was formerly known as The Peale Museum — it was founded by the artist’s father, Charles Wilson Peale. By the way, he named all his children after famous painters. Brother Raphael Saw the name Rembrandt Pealehe also became a painter, portraitist. Another brother called Titian. Drank Sr. taught his children painting. Most of my life Raphael Peale lived in Philadelphia but traveled widely (in particular, with the aim of collecting exhibits for the Museum of natural history, founded by his father). Peel won his first personal exhibition at the age of just 21 years. The artist suffered from seizures caused by poisoning with arsenic and mercury while working as a Taxidermist at the Museum. In the last years of his life Drinking completely focused on the still lifes, which were often exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of the fine arts.

Features of the artist Raphael Saw: started with the writing of portraits, like his brother Rembrandt, preferring miniatures. Since 1810 Drank almost completely switched to still lifes, despite the conviction of most of his contemporaries-artists that this genre is a lot of fans. It is considered that the style of the artist influenced by the Spanish still lifes, which he saw during one of his trips to Mexico. Most of the works Saw the small size, they often depicted several items lying on the table, on dark background.

Famous paintings of Raphael Saw: «Venus emerging from the sea», «Cheese with three crackers», «BlackBerry», «Melon, watermelons and morning glories», «Portrait Of Absalom Jones».

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov
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Artist's artworks
total 27 artworks
Raphaelle Peale. Venus emerging from the sea
Venus emerging from the sea
1822, 61×74 cm
Raphaelle Peale. Still life with lemon
Still life with lemon
Raphaelle Peale. Still life with oranges
Still life with oranges
1818, 47.4×58.3 cm
Raphaelle Peale. Portrait Of Absalom Jones
Portrait Of Absalom Jones
1810, 30×25 cm
Raphaelle Peale. Cheese with three crackers
Cheese with three crackers
Raphaelle Peale. Melons, watermelons and morning glories
Melons, watermelons and morning glories
1813, 52.7×65.4 cm
Raphaelle Peale. Still life: Basket of peaches
Still life: Basket of peaches
1816, 34.9×49.8 cm
Raphaelle Peale. Still life with cake
Still life with cake
1822, 24.1×28.7 cm
Raphaelle Peale. Still life with strawberries and nuts
Still life with strawberries and nuts
1822, 41.6×57.8 cm
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