Vladimirovich Warriors

Russia • 1880−1945

Biography and information

1880, St. Petersburg - 1945, Leningrad

Graphic artist, painter, stage designer, critic.

Graduated from physical-mathematical faculty of St. Petersburg University (1904). In the early 1900s he attended the Drawing school of Society for encouragement of arts. In 1910 he took lessons in painting from V. I. Denisov. Engaged in easel and applied graphics. Executed landscapes, portraits, was engaged in book illustration, ex libris. Turned to the techniques of linocut, woodcut, etching, lithography. Since 1906 he worked as theatrical designer. Collaborated in the theatre of Musical drama and V. F. Komissarzhevskaya in St. Petersburg. Member and Exhibitor Association "artists Association" (1912), "Community of artists" (1912-1929), "World of art" (1922, 1924), "Sixteen" (1922-1927). Member of the national society for the encouragement of arts (1928-1929), where he headed the section of engravers.

He exposed his works at the First state free exhibition of works of art (1919), exhibition of original drawings of the Petrograd book of signs (1923) in Petrograd, the exhibition "Engraving the USSR for 10 years", "Russian figure for ten years of October revolution" (both 1927) in Moscow, "Graphic art in the USSR. 1917-1927", "Russian xylography for 10 years" (both 1927), "Art ex libris" (1928) in Leningrad, "Artists of the RSFSR XV years" in Leningrad and Moscow (1932-1934), exhibitions of Russian art in new York, St. Louis, Memphis, new Orleans, Los Angeles, Portland (1924-1925, travelling exhibition), Riga, Winterthur (1929), the Second International exhibition of graphic art in Florence (1927), XVI International exhibition of art in Venice (1928), Artistic and handicraft exhibition of the USSR in new York (1929) and others.

Taught in the printing Department of the VKhUTEMAS — Vhuteina (1922-1924), at the Leningrad choreographic school (1924-1926), Leningrad art-industrial College (1932-1934), Leningrad Institute of improvement of professional skill of workers of art (1933-1937), Interfilm (1937-1939).

From 1910 he worked in the Department of prints and drawings of the Hermitage, 1922, chief curator of the Department.

In 1922-1932 he worked in the graphics Department of the State Russian Museum, first Keeper, then head.

The author of several articles on the history of Russian art. Kept a diary of conversations with B. M. Kustodiev (1921-1927), published the first monograph on Kustodiev (Leningrad, GIZ, 1925).

Participated in the great Patriotic war, served in the militia for some time been at the headquarters, then — in evacuation in Alma-ATA, where he worked as a theatre artist.

The works of V. V. Voinov are in the State Tretyakov gallery, State Russian Museum, Pushkin Museum im. A. Pushkin Museum and private collections in Russia and abroad.

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