Vasilyevich Volkov

Russia • born in 1918

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born June 14, 1918 in the town of Kasli in Sverdlovsk region.

He studied at the Sverdlovsk art school (1937 - 39) and IRA (Institute of art, culture and architecture. I. E. Repin Russian Academy of arts) (1945 - 51) with A. A. Mylnikov, V. M. Oreshnikov. Participant of exhibitions since 1952. Among his works: "A. S. Serafimovich p. P. Bazhov" (1953), "Delivered to the house" (1954), "People, be vigilant!" ("Julius Fucik", 1956-57), "the Forty-first year" (1958, Sverdlovsk picture gallery), "the Cherry tree" (1958), "Portrait of a blacksmith, I. Nikiforov" (1958), "North Ural" (1958), "ol fishermen" (1959), "Sverdlov talks with residents of the Turukhansk territory" (Museum of Sverdlov, Russia), "Sverdlov Nevyansk" (1959), "the Cherry tree" (1960, Sverdlovsk picture gallery), landscapes of the Crimea (1961), "the Crossing" (1964), "Kolchak" (1967).

Paintings B. V. Volkova are in private collections in Russia and abroad: England, France, Italy, Germany.

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