Alexandrovich Volkov

Russia • born in 1928

Biography and information

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born in 1928 in Fergana, Uzbekistan. He studied at the Tashkent art school from his father, an Volkov (1944-1947) n the Tashkent University art Department (1947-1952). In 1956 he became a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. He taught painting and composition at the MOSS of memory of 1905 (1970-1980). Since 1993 he teaches at the Institute of artistic creativity in Moscow.

Exhibitions (selected): Solo exhibition in Tashkent (1961). Personal exhibition in the State library for foreign literature, Moscow (1969). Exhibition at the State art Museum, Tartu, Estonia (1979). Exhibition in the Central House of artists in Moscow (1980). Joint exhibition with A. And Volkov theatre. MN. Ermolova in Moscow (1982). Exhibition of three Volkov in the House of cinema in Tashkent (1984). The exhibition "A. N. Volkov and his students" at the State Museum of arts of peoples of the East in Moscow (1987). Solo exhibition in Cairo, Egypt (1988). The exhibition "Anna in Egypt" at the Museum "New Jerusalem", Istra (1990). Exhibition "Artists Of The Volkov. Three generations" in the Exhibition hall of Timiryazevsky district of Moscow (1991). Personal exhibition in Gallery Gregory, Washington (1992). The Exhibition "The House Of Anna), Gregory Gallery, Washington DC - New York (1994-1995). Exhibition of paintings by V. Volkov and A. Lansky lithographs in the State Tretyakov gallery (1997).

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