Vasilyevich Volkovsky (Volkhov)

Biography and information

In 1852 a student of the Academy of Arts. Received medals: in 1860 - 2 silver; in 1862 - 2 silver; in 1864 - 1 and 2 silver. In 1866 the title of class artist of 2 degrees. A landscape painter. (Kondakov)

Probably it mentions V. M. Vasnetsov in a letter to I. N. Kramskoy: "Dear Ivan, I am only the third day back from Vyatka and so only now can You answer to Your letter from the Board of the Partnership. I agree to accept the Volkov stated in the letter conditions, as we urgently need such people1; there is no choice; and, finally, recommends that his people know him, Ive[an] Ivanovic. From Moscow wrote to You, that previously would not hurt to offer the same terms to Mr. Chirkin, due to the fact that he was already an experienced man, and known to us (I personally have not seen it). This, in my opinion, it is reasonable, if and only convenient place of residence is known.

Our exhibition should certainly continue. I have the pictures already taken, but where will will present. The "Vityaz" will only leave at home, because I intend to finish.

So, while agreeing in principle with the proposal of Muscovites concerning Chirkina I, the types of possible inconvenience, absolutely willing to accept Mr. Volkovsky on selected conditions to which until I find anything to add.

Viktor Vasnetsov."

1 we are Talking about the appointment of the representative of the society, which would have to accompany the exhibition of the Partnership. Such a person was to become a landscape painter Ivan Volkovskoye (1852-1896), on the recommendation of Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin (1832-1898). The question of the nomination of the Volkov stood in connection with the statement of Alexander Dmitrievich Chirkin (artist-lover, the society authorized the organization of exhibitions in the province in 1872) refusal to accompany the exhibition. However, the candidacy of the Volkov disappeared, and until 1880, the exhibition was accompanied by Chirkin.

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