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Yakovlevich Volokov

Russia • 1822−1882

13 Mar 1822 (Rzhev, Tver province.) - 1882 (Rzhev, Tver province.)

In 1839 was listed as a foreign student of the Academy of Arts. In 1843, awarded 2 silver medals; in 1845 - the title of a free artist. In 1851 was appointed to the Academy. A painter of landscape. (Kondakov)

Static group portrait "at the tea table" (1851) does not belong to the masterpieces of pictorial art. The painting belongs to the artist Alexei Yakovlevich Voloskov and depicts a member of the Society for the encouragement of artists, and therefore art lovers and patron G. S. Tarnowski and his family in one of the rooms of the manor the title of Lord. But interest in painting is primarily because in the order (or request) of the owner was written by the artist who painted exclusively landscapes, or even species ("in the estate of M. D. Frisky Mariengof near Petersburg," 1842; "View of Vyborg from the sea in the night," 1847; "the Views of Tsarskoe Selo lake," 1854; "a View of the estate Deep", "Rzhev", etc.).

Educated at the Academy of fine arts (graduated in 1845) under the guidance of renowned master M. N. Vorobyev, A. Y. Hairs soon becoming a popular artist among the high-society nobles and wealthy people (which is the decoration of the room, in which stands the tea-table), zhivopisuya to their orders manors and estates. The types of the artist, especially in small Russian cities, widely represented at present in many regional museums and art galleries, presenting considerable interest to lovers of painting and history of the country.

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