Viktorovich Vorobyevsky

Russia • 1906−1992

Biography and information

Aleksey vorobyevsky was born at the station of Tankhoy (Zabaikalie) in 1906 and In 1925 graduated from art school in Slutsk (Pavlovsk).

From 1926 to 1992 he worked at the factory. People's artist of the RSFSR (1969), laureate of the State prize them. Repin (1970), participant of international exhibitions in new-York (1939), Brussels (1958), awarded the gold medal in Montreal (1967). Died in Leningrad in 1992

Works of Alexey vorobyevsky stored in the State Hermitage, the Museum of ceramics "Manor Kuskovo XVIII century", State Russian Museum, numerous private collections.

The author of the formation of "Arctic fantasy" (1936) along with "March of spring"(1967), "Dreaming"(1967), a series of bone cups and saucers, dinner sets "Winter fun"(1933), "Russian lubok" (1949), "Russian ballet"(1970), "National patterns"(1958), "Golden twigs"(1969)Yu, dummies, the "Red cock"(1959), "Winter's tale"(1960), etc.