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Vladimirovich Vrubel

born in 1960

Biography and information

Dmitri Vladimirovich Vrubel (b. July 14, 1960, Moscow) — Russian artist, "a political painter" (in the words of D. Vrubel). The author of many paintings on social issues, is also actively involved in various socio-political art projects. He studied graphic arts at the Moscow pedagogical Institute. V. Lenin. In 1993 he became a member of the Union of artists of Berlin. Founded The Gallery Vrubel.

Features of the artist Dmitry Vrubelin his works, Vrubel seeks to convey all the contradictions and complexities of the modern era. To this end, he uses recognizable images of famous public figures, playing scenes with their participation and giving in a new way. To work on his paintings of Dmitry Vrubel uses only photos. In the words of the Creator, his paintings dedicated to Russian people and Russian history from the socialist era to the present day.

Famous works of Dmitry Vrubel: mural on the Berlin wall "fraternal kiss" (1990)

Paintings By Dmitry Vrubel

The first artwork of Dmitry Vrubel was the painting of "the judgment of Pilate" which he created at the age of 15 years in 1975. The young Dmitry was active in cultural activities: he wrote poems, organized exhibitions, published a literary newspaper. His teachers were M. Epstein, A. Panchenko, V. Ovchinnikov.

Until 1990, artist Dmitri Vrubel worked primarily in the home and Studio environment. Everything changed after his trip to Berlin, where he was offered to take part in the painting of the famous Berlin wall dividing the city into two parts. Even then, the artist worked on sketches for his new work, which subsequently became its hallmark and brought the artist international fame. According to the story Vrubel, he was struck by a photo depicting a kiss between Honecker and Brezhnev. The idea to move the story onto the canvas, seized the wizard, and it is in this period, the artist Dmitry Vrubel was invited to become a member of the art project on the Berlin wall.

According to the memoirs of the artist Dmitry Vrubel, it was his first experience not only outdoors, but also in public. The mural was painted fairly quickly, to some extent, the speed of the work on it was due to a particular state of mind of the author, had recently survived a breakup with a loved one. In the end, Vrubel created a masterpiece, which still does not lose its relevance, symbolizing not only the era ended 25 years ago, but to some extent our present.

Among other works of the artist Dmitry Vrubel worth mentioning "Evangelical project", where the photo-sketches of the media accompanied by a famous quote from the Bible portrait series "My contemporaries", art action "a Portrait of the era". Many works of art are the exhibits of the Tretyakov gallery, the Berlin national gallery, and take a worthy place in private collections.
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