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Stanislavovich Gavdzinsky

Ukraine • 1923−2014

Landscape painter, master of genre painting, portrait. Most fully manifested himself as a landscape painter. Born in Bobrik First Odessa oblast. In the 1940's – 1950 he studied at the OXY (from J. Bershad, M. Mealmaker, N. Consideration, N. Pavlyuk). Great influence on creativity was rendered by the friendship of the artist with Sinicki V., Malyshev, K. lomykin. Honored artist of Ukraine since 1976. For 20 years he was a member of the Board of the Odessa branch of CFS. People's artist of Ukraine since 2003. Lives and works in Odessa.

From Albina Gavdzinskogo the highest rank, which is assigned in our country painters, he is people's artist of Ukraine. But despite high recognition, he is far from resting on their laurels. Like in the past remain in the past, and he needs daily, maybe even hourly, to yourself first and foremost to confirm the high grade, the quality of their work. Especially that close to Odessa, as a true lover, to which he devoted so much energy, so much passion.

It would seem, the Opera was written by many artists. But Gavdzinskiy knows that the beam of light, breathing the seaside air, the waves fog create each time a unique atmosphere. And each sketch, each painting not like each other – a sense of eternal and changeable, easy beauty of our city.

In the hot summer of 1923 in Odessa region, in the village of Bobryk, Polish family the boy was born, who was given the name Albin (now going by his beautiful grey hair!). He was lucky – in his way was a brilliant teacher, from masters before the revolution Yulia Bershad to those who created the school in the 20-ies, – N. Consideration, N. Pavlyuk, M. Kordonsky, M. Mealmaker...

Of course, he would have become an artist much earlier. But the first course of the Odessa art school he was drafted into the air force.

The strange convergence. Elders in the modern Odessa school of painting Yuri Yegorov and Albin Gavdzinsky have stood the test of heaven. Is it because so much sun on their paintings, a feeling of spaciousness and freedom...

Only in 1946 he returned to his native art school. Graduated and started traveling through the Soviet Union, in the world, always returning to his native Odessa.

Of course, and today he is a road series of paintings on the construction of Kakhovska hydroelectric power station. Moreover, he gave a New Kakhovka 227 works that formed the basis of the Museum in this city. In the 1961 session of the local city Council appropriated Albina Gavdzinskogo the title of Honorary citizen of New Kakhovka. Undoubtedly, nice. But more importantly, the Museum exists today, moreover, bears the title: "Art gallery named after A. S. Gavdzinskogo".

(Author: Yevgeny Golubovsky)

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