Nikolayevich Gavrilov

Russia • 1923−1970

Painter, honored. hood. Of the RSFSR (1968). Graduated From Moscow. hood. Institute (1951), student of Sergei Gerasimov, V. Pochitalova. He lived in Moscow. In 1942-45 the artist Studio of military artists to them.Grekova. From 1945 to participate in exhibitions. Paintings "To their native places" (1944-47, together. B. Nemensky), "Everywhere the lights of the buildings" (1951), "May. Northern night" (1954), "Evening" (1957), "Fresh wind" (1957), "Over labor day" (1961), "In 1941. After the battle" (1966), etc.

Born and Wier in Moscow. After graduation, he was drafted into the army and sent to the Studio of military artists to them. M. B. Grekova. In 1944 (together with B. M. Nemensky), he wrote the painting "TO their NATIVE PLACES", a story about villagers who returned to their homes. From paintings of "HOME FIELDS" begins Gavrilova participated in art exhibitions. After the great Patriotic war, he entered the Moscow state art Institute. V. I. Surikov (1945-1951). Among his mentors were I. Grabar, B. Johansson, S. V. Gerasimov, A. A. Osmerkin, D. K. Mochalsky, E. A. Kibrik, etc. during the period of study in the Institute was created the painting "A. N. RADISHCHEV" (1950), included in the Golden Fund of Soviet art. Gavrilov studied the works of many domestic and foreign artists, but a special relationship he had with V. I. Surikov, the image of which became the subject of the thesis. The result of long and painstaking work of studying the historical material was the painting "V. I. SURIKOV" (1951, Museum of the Academy of fine arts, St. Petersburg). Diploma picture Gavrilova was exhibited at the all-Union art exhibition in 1951.

Gavrilov was one of the talented representatives of the generation of artists whose work has defined the characteristic features of Soviet art 1950-1960. a Subtle colorist, a master of landscape and composition, the artist developed in his works the traditions of Russian realistic school ("YOUNG SURVEYORS", 1952; "WARM NIGHT", 1954; "a COLD DAY", 1959; "JOYFUL MARCH", 1960; "a FRESH DAY", 1958). In 1954 Gavrilov first came to the house of creativity "Academic dacha" (near vyšný Volochek) as artistic Director. These were the places associated with the name of A. G. Venetsianov, where the artist worked on his paintings and created a wonderful school. In 1954 he Gavrilovna painting "MAY. NORTHERN NIGHT" filled with love and affection for the Russian nature and man, where was revealed coloristic gift of the artist. The audience Gavrilov is best known as a master story-themed paintings ("the DAYS of the WAR. FRONTLINE VACATION", 1966; "NATIVE LAND", 1959, TG; "DMITRI WITH his ADOPTED SON", 1969; "OVER LABOR DAY", 1961; "JOYFUL MARCH", 1960, etc.). The artist wrote enthusiastically landscapes, poetic still lifes, worked on the portrait ("SOLNECHNYI DAY." 1965; MARCH, 1965; "NIGHT WINDOW", 1969; "FOREST BELLS", 1965; "STILL LIFE WITH BRUSHES G", 1969; "PORTRAIT OF A WOMAN WITH A GUITAR*, 1955; "GIRL IN WHITE", 1958; "PORTRAIT", 1962; "ALINA", 1965). Man with bright creative ideas, Gavrilov created works of his time and passionately argued manpower artistic ideals of Russian art. The best paintings of Gavrilov entered the expositions of many museums in the country, including GGT, RM. In 1971, for the painting "DMITRI WITH his ADOPTED SON," "the NATIVE LAND" and "JOYOUS MARCH," the artist was awarded the State prize of the RSFSR. I. E. Repin. Solo exhibition Gavrilova took place after his death, in 1975, in the halls of the USSR Academy of arts — first in Leningrad, then in Moscow.

1968 Gavrilov taught at the Moscow state art Institute. V. I. Surikov.


Lapshin V. P. Vladimir Gavrilov. M., 1965.

Vishnyakov B. V. V. N. Gavrilov. L., 1989.

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