Vasilevich Gavrilchik

Russia • born in 1929

Biography and information

He was born in 1929 . in Uzbekistan, in the city of Termez. In his youth he served as a naval officer in the far East, in the border parts. In 1955 g ., after demobilization, arrived in Leningrad. Worked on barges in the waters of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland (together with M. Ivanov, T. körner and B. Ivanov, writer) hereinafter referred to as a Stoker in the boiler.

A self-taught artist, received his first lessons from the Ukrainian painter Vladimir Field. he began to study painting at the end of the 1960s, first with tempera, then oil on a textolite basis. Then he met with artists – participants of the future Gas-Neva exhibitions.GN Lubushkin,. By I. Sinjavina, poets circle K. Kuzminski, including his ironic poems were a great success. Participant of exhibitions in DK. Gas and Nevsky (1974 – 1975), apartment and club group exhibitions TEII.

V. Gavrilchik has created many self-portraits, a large series of portraits of friends and portraits of mythological heroes and anti-heroes of the Civil war (in the spirit of "parsonage letters" of the XVII century), planar still life, primitivism ironic remakes on the theme socialist realism and photo - and isopropyle. V. Gavrilchik many followers, among which of particular note are his wife Tamara Krechina, V. Valran (V. Kaziev), A. Polushkin, E. Musaliny. In 1995 . published a collection of poems V. Gavrilchik "Things of the spirit."