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Abramovich Ganf

Russia • 1898−1973

People's artist of Russia (1964). Teeming with funny details cartoons on international and domestic topics. He worked in the newspaper "Pravda" (1924), the magazine "Crocodile".

1898 was Born in Poltava.

1917-1920 studies in the Studio "Art workshop" in Kharkov E. Steinberg.

1922-1924-Study at VKhUTEMAS in Moscow under I. Nivinsky and B. Tabor.

From the 1920s Began to draw political cartoons for the Moscow magazines and Newspapers: "Red pepper", "Atheist", "Crocodile", "Pravda", illustrated books for Detgiz, "Young guard", "Truth" and others. 1930 Played political posters.

1945 Honored worker of arts of RSFSR.

1964 people's artist of the RSFSR.

1970 gold medal "Fighter for peace" at the International exhibition "Satire in the struggle for peace."

1973 Died in Moscow.

The artist's works are: in the Tver art gallery, Yekaterinburg art gallery, Art gallery of Armenia in Yerevan, the Russian state library and other collections.

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