Gerrit Adriaans

Netherlands • 1638−1698

Job and Gerhard (Berkhyden) - two brothers-an artist from Harlem. Senior, job, family. in 1628, - 1698, wrote landscapes, portraits, also a village festival in the style of Teniers. Together bratom Gerharda (b. 1643 - 1693) was in the service of the elector of the Palatinate, for which they painted pictures depicting celebrations, hunting and pleasure excursions; the younger brother is especially famous as a talented painter of architectural views.

Adrians Gerrit (Gerrit Adriaensz; 1638, Haarlem — 1698, Haarlem) he studied his brother. He was influenced by Peter Saenredam. Worked in Haarlem. 1660 — member of the Guild of painters. Unlike Joba Berkheide gravitated to the genre motifs, Gerrit Berckheyde addressed itself to the urban landscape, creating it with a fine system. He wrote of Amsterdam, Haarlem, the Hague with topographic precision. Works: Great market square in Haarlem (1673), the canal and the town hall in Amsterdam (both — Saint-Petersburg, GOS. The Hermitage Museum), the Flower street in Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum), Market square and Church in Haarlem (1674, London, NAT. gallery), a Fish market in Harlem (1692, Haarlem, Frans Hals Museum), Dam Square in Amsterdam (1672, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum). In the paintings of the painter all in a measured, orderly and prosaic. Squares and streets with rows going in the depth of the new brick houses and the alternation of the dark and illuminated parts are constructed in a straight run. But the prospect usually closed the building, located parallel to the plane of the canvas. Geometrically drawn lines of the walls, window openings, pavements swept, deserted embankments, over bridges, channels and shadows cast by the buildings. Few sedate figures of well-dressed citizens play the role of passive staffage. Poets sang of the works of the brothers Berckheyde, their contemporaries thought highly of.

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