Ivanovich Hetman

Russia • 1917−2004

Biography and information

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

1917 (23 Dec) – was born in Kharkov, Ukraine.

1932 – graduated from high school in Kharkov

1937 – graduated from the Kharkiv art College. Studied at S. M. Prokhorov, a disciple of Ilya Repin. The beginning of the independent and creative activities.

1937 – 1940 – took part in the decoration of squares and streets of the cities of Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk.

1937 – 1940 – studied at the Kharkiv art Institute AA Coquelles, N. With. Samokish.

1940 – drafted into the red Army (RKKA)

1941 – 1945 – participation in the great Patriotic war.

1945 (September) – working as an artist in the movie theater. K. Libknekhta the city of Kharkiv.

1945(October 12) – arrested in Dnepropetrovsk.

1946 (Jan 24) - condemned by the Dnipropetrovsk regional court under part 2 of article 54-10 of the criminal code of the Ukrainian SSR (anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda) to 10 years imprisonment and 5 years of the defeat of civil rights.

1946 to 1953 – the GULAG was in Siberia (Taishetlag), Far East (Vanilla) and Kolyma (Sevvostlag).

1953 (August 30) is released from prison.

1953 – 1959 – worked as an artist in the House of culture of village of Berry Magadan region

1953 – 1995 – the creation of a series of paintings of paintings "GULAG eyes of an artist"

1956 – Honorary diploma of the Magadan regional Committee of the CPSU and the Executive Committee.

1957 – adopted a candidate member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

1959 – received from the authorities permission to move to the regional center (Magadan).

1959 – 1976 – works by painter Magadan branch of the HF RSFSR in Magadan creative workshop organization CX RSFSR.

Since 1962 creatively worked in the House of creativity "Academic dacha them. I. E. Repin" HF RSFSR (9 trips).

1963 – the participant of the II Congress of the Union of artists of the USSR.

1964 – became a member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honorary diploma of the Magadan regional Committee of the CPSU and the Executive Committee.

1964 – 1967 he was working as the Director of the Magadan branch of Art Fund of RSFSR.

1967 – Honorary diploma of the Magadan city Committee of the CPSU and the Executive Committee.

1972 – awarded an Honorary diploma of the Soviet peace Committee (Moscow).

1976 – moved from Magadan in the city of eagle.

1976 – 2004 – works in the creative workshop of the Oryol branch of Union of artists of the RSFSR (Russian Federation).

1991 (April 17) – rehabilitated on the basis of article 1 of the Law of Ukrainian SSR "On the rehabilitation of victims of political repressions in Ukraine".

1992 – elected Chairman of the Oryol regional Association of victims of political repression and a member of the Commission for the rehabilitation and restoration of the rights of illegally repressed in the Oryol region.

1994 – 1999 – creative journeys to Germany, Holland, Israel and Hungary.

1996 – creative trip to Magadan (Russia).

1997, 1998, 1999, 2001 creative trip to Washington, DC (USA).

1999 – the Jamestown Foundation has noted eks-US President Ronald Reagan and artist N. And.Hetman Commemorative tokens of gratitude for their personal contribution to the development of world culture.

2002 - 2004 - chief artist of the State Museum of Gulag history (Moscow, Russia).

Actively worked on the series “My Chukotka”.

2004 (August 29) – died in Orel (Russia).


1947 – group exhibition of works by artists organized by the Gulag (without signature) “Siberia at the construction site,” the city of Taishet, Bratsk.

In 1956 he participated in regional, zonal, inter-regional, Republican, all-Russia, art exhibitions in cities of Russia: Moscow, Leningrad, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Magadan, Ulan-Ude Orel, Bryansk, Voronezh, Ryazan, as well as participation in international exhibitions: Germany, Finland, Bulgaria.

Personal exhibitions:

1972 – exhibition. Magadan (Russian Federation)

1974 – exhibition. Magadan (Russian Federation)

1977 – jubilee exhibition. Orel (Russian Federation)

1987 – exhibition Orel (Russian Federation)

1993 – exhibition of the city of Orel (Russian Federation)

1994 – exhibition in Bryansk (Russia)

1994 – the exhibition. Leeuwarden (Netherlands)

1995 – exhibition “GULAG eyes of an artist” Orel (Russia)

1997 – exhibition “GULAG eyes of an artist”, U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, Washington, DC.

1999 – exhibition “GULAG eyes of an artist”, national Museum, Grand rapids (USA).

2009 (October-December) - exhibition "GULAG eyes of an artist", organized by The Heritage Foundation, Washington, USA


- The state Museum of Gulag history. Moscow (Russia)

- The Ministry of culture of the RSFSR. Moscow (Russia)

- Directorate of art exhibitions of the USSR (Russia)

- The state literary Museum of I. S. Turgenev. Orel (Russian Federation)

- Anadyr district Museum of local lore. Anadyr (Russia)

Magadan regional Museum of local lore. Magadan (Russian Federation)

- The Magadan regional universal scientific library..With.Pushkin. Magadan (Russian Federation)

Far Eastern Museum of naval shipping.g.Vladivostok (Russia)

Museum “Memory of Kolyma” p. Yagodnoye, Magadan oblast(Russia)

- Orel regional Museum. Orel (Russian Federation)

The house - Museum of N. With.Leskov. Orel (Russian Federation)

Orlovsky Museum of fine arts.g.Orel (Russian Federation)

- Inter-regional art gallery “Mi-Art”. Ryazan (Russia)

Paintings N.And.Hetman are in the collections of galleries and private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, Holland, Italy, France, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Japan, Canada, Israel, USA.


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Favorite locations:

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29.08.2004 died in the mountains. Orel (Russian Federation).