Alexandrovich Glazunov

Russia • 1884−1952

Biography and information

Born 19 (31) Aug 1884 in Moscow. Recorded in the peasants in the village of Terekhovo vyaznikovskogo district of Vladimir province. Studied at icon-painting workshop of D. P. Selutina. In 1903-1908 years worked as a painter and restorer at Art icon-painting Association in Moscow. In 1909 he opened his own icon-painting workshop in Moscow. Uchastvoval restoration of the Annunciation Cathedral of the Chudov monastery in Moscow, Cathedral of the Nativity Storozhevsky monastery. In 1910, a volunteer has graduated from the Moscow archaeological Institute. Assembled a collection of writings, copies of photographs of works of ancient art and published them in 1914 in his book "materials on the history of Russian iconography". After the October revolution worked in the people's Commissariat for education. In 1922, together with I. I. Golikov began to paint items of papier-mache. One of the founders of the Artel of ancient painting 4 Dec 1924. Was a representative of the Cooperative in Moscow. In 1943 repressed. Died in 1955 in the Ural mountains.

Themes of works: genre scenes, battles, monuments. Participated in exhibitions since 1923. By A. A. Glazunov are stored in museums: the state Russian Museum, Umgeni, PIM.

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