Ilyich Glazunov

Russia • born in 1969

Biography and information

The son of artists Ilya Glazunov and Vinogradova (Benoit) Nina Alexandrovna.

Honored artist of Russia (1998). In 1994 she graduated from mgahi. V. I. Surikov. In 1997-1999 he worked on the design of the Grand Kremlin Palace (portraits, interiors sketches). Paints landscapes of the Russian North, portraits, historical. composition. Master of religious art: the iconostasis with icons for the Church of Derzhavnaya mother of God in the monastery at Ganina Yama near Yekaterinburg; sketches for paintings of the assumption Church in the town of Verkhnyaya Pyshma near Yekaterinburg (2001), the Church of Saint Julia Ancyra under Solnechnogorsk (in the spirit of Vasnetsov). Working on the wall paintings of the Church of the Small ascension on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street in Moscow (in the spirit of the Yaroslavl paintings of the 17th century).

Since 1997 – head of the workshop of historical painting at the Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture. Professor (1999).

Born in 1969 in Moscow. Training includes study in: 1981-1988 — mshsh them. Surikova. 1988-1994 — MGHI them. Surikov (workshop of a portrait under the guidance of his father, Professor I. S. Glazunov). In the years of study has proven himself a connoisseur of Russian culture and an artist who know the basics of classical composition, he has a deep knowledge of ancient art and history of the Slavic life. His work had a great success at a student exhibition in Germany. Teaching activities: since 1993— lecturer at the Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture. 1992 — work on a book about the Russian national costume, collecting materials on Russian life and national life. To this end, the visits to the towns and villages of the Russian North. Is the participant of exhibitions: 1990 — Exhibition of young artists of Russia. Hamburg. Germany. 1993 — "Orthodoxy. The autocracy. Nationality." Moscow.

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