Andreevich Golubev

Russia • born in 1964

Biography and information

Vasily Andreevich Golubev was born in 1964 in Leningrad.

In 1983 he graduated from high art school. B.V. Johanson and entered the LVHPU them. V.I. Mukhina. In 1987, he left the school of his own free will.

From 1987 to 1999 - a member of the group of artists "Mitki".

Since 1994 - a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Exhibition activities of the artist began in 1987. Vasily Golubev is a participant in many city, national and international exhibitions, including personal ones.

He works in painting, graphics, small plastic, literature.

He designed more than thirty books published by Vita Nova publishing houses Amphora, Syntax, Red Sailor, Mitkilibris, Prism-15. Among them - “Disparate CE”, “36”, “Sapega Sapieha”, “Sapega. Forty-four”, “Just like that: A wide reading room” and “Sapega Vulgaris / Sapego ordinary” M. Sapego; "About Lenin" (Russian fairy tale); The Tattooed Count by E. Zvyagin; The Twelve Tanks, I. Takuboku; "The Beaver and the Cuckoo" by V. Shinkarev; "We had the Great Epoch", "Young Wretch" and "Teen Savenko" by E. Limonov; "Moscow-Petushki" V. Erofeeev, "Kings and Cabbage" O. Henry, "Rabbits and Boas" F. Iskander, "Stories" I.

Babel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

V. Golubev is the author of "Tales" published in the collection "Mitki. Chosen ”and the story“ Forehead ”, included in the collection“ New Petersburg Tales ”, as well as the books“ Overture for the Feat ”(manual for the exhibition of the same name),“ Thunderbolt ”(manual for the exhibition of the same name),“ Club of Shy Anti-Semites ”,“ Netka Cerebrophagy ”, published in various publishing houses in the 1990–2000s.

The works are stored in the collections of the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Russian State Library, the Russian National Library, the Tsaritsyno State Museum Reserve (Moscow), the Museum of Non-Conformist Art (St. Petersburg), the Apartment Museum of F. M. Dostoevsky (St. Petersburg), the Arkhangelsk Regional Museum fine art, in private collections in Russia and abroad.

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