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Haimovich Gorshman

Russia • 1902−1972

Biography and information

Graduated from Moscow. The vkhutein (1929), pupil of P. Miturich, V. Favorsky. He lived in Moscow. In 1937-41 he taught in Moscow. hood. the Institute. Since 1925 participated in exhibitions. Member hood. about-"4 art" (1928-29) and the EAST (1930). KN. Fig. and design of the book. for Mosk. ed-in easel graphics, watercolors, etc.

Novoborisovka was born in the Minsk province. Painter, graphic artist, author of the watercolors and lithographs, portraits. In 1923-1929 he studied in VKhUTEMAS-VHUTEINe (graphic faculty)..N. Of Kupreyanov, V. A. Favorsky. The participant of many exhibitions since 1925. In 1929. he joined the society "4 of art", in 1931 in the EAST, since 1932 member of the MOOSKH. Illustrated books Goslitizdat, Detgiz and other publishers (only illustrated about 60 books). In 1930 he toured the Jewish kolkhozes of Ukraine, Crimea and Birobidzhan. Best known as an Illustrator of works of Jewish writers and poets, including Sholom Aleichem, P. Markish, I. Babel, I.-L. Peretz, Mendel moyher-sforima.

Taught at the art institutes (Leningrad vkhutein (1929-1931), Moscow hudojestvenny Institute (1937-1941). Some of the papers presented at the Moscow State Museum of fine arts. Pushkin. The red art gallery houses more than 30 of the artist's works from all major periods of his work.

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