Oganesovich Grigoryan

Russia • born in 1920

Thesis in the CVC - a series of drawings "Severomorsk", the score is mediocre. Training (1947-1953, Studio of A. Pakhomov) took place in the graphical Department. Qualified graphic artist. (D. R. on the list of Islands 1920-03-02)

(R. 22.04.1919, Alexandropol, Armenia – 13.10.1995, Yerevan), painter, member. CX USSR (1974), the participant Led. Otech. war. The artist's father was a Builder-a stonemason (traditional craft, Crimea is famous for its arm. people). Of arts. G. tendencies started early. In 1937 he graduated from the fine arts. Studio them. S. Merkurov in Leninakan (former. Alexandropol). In 1938 he enrolled in the Yerevan fine arts. Uch-school. In 1940 he was drafted into the army, served in the far North. Awarded for participation in Led. Otech. the war governments. awards. In 1945, he was awarded 3rd St. for a front-line sketches at the exhibition of all the fleets of the USSR. In 1948 he entered the Yerevan fine arts. in-t, in 1950 he transferred to Leningrad. Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. Ilya Repin, who graduated in 1953 (graphic. f-t). He studied with K. Rudakov. In 1953-59, 1974– 80 lived and worked in Chel.; in 1959-74 – in Yerevan, every year come in Person. Party., zones., resp. exhibitions in Russia and Armenia in the 1980s – Intern. exhibitions. In 1979 and 1994 took place people. exhibitions in COCH; in 1982 exhibitions in Yerevan, Etchmiadzin (Armenia). The creativity of cultures belongs to the 2 – Rus. and arm. A native of the mountainous terrain Gyumri, mn. shared with Armenia were found in the Urals. Painting the City built on hot and cold colors, subtle nuances and powerful textured strokes of color. His images have an inherent boswich.-poet. innuendo (still lifes, landscapes, portraits), in story scenes – shaped simplicity of the parable. In the works of G. between tradition classical. Europe., NAT. arm. painting, General human. themes, style brown. and owls. art. The characters and themes of the paintings belong to different times and cultures. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Abu al-Ala al-mahari, Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Fedorov, and L. N. Fat. Tragic events. the history of arm. people, trials of the 20th century formed the unique mythologic. the attitude of the artist. Until the last days of his life, he worked at the Yerevan workshop, preparing for the final exhibition at home. G. paintings are in the collections of the State. Tretyakov Gal., State. cards. Gal. Armenia, the Museum of modern. the art of Yerevan, COCH, cards. Gal. Vanadzor, Hrazdan and other towns of Armenia, in private collections in England, Monaco, the USA, Finland, Mexico, Beirut, Saint Petersburg, Yerevan, Riga, Pers.

G. S. Trifonova

Lit.: Grigoryan H. // “Without a jury”: 5: Cat. H, 1979; Tr I f o n o V and G. And sense of color // HF. 1979. 19 Oct.; O n a W E. private.... with Armenia and Russia // the Common cause (H). 1994. No. 6; Visual arts. 20th century. Chelyabinsk / Introd. article by L. A. Sabelfeld. H, 1996; Tr I f o n o V and G. S. You are the king. Live one... // CHR. 1997. Dec 24

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