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Petrovich Gromov

born in 1927

Biography and information


Born 1. 06. 1927 in the village of Red Moscow region, Russia.

Graduated from the Republican art College im. I. E. Repina, Chisinau, 1955.

The participant of Republican and all-Union exhibitions since 1974.

A member of the artists Union since 1987.

Art Director at AGM. TV Moldova since 1959.

Worked in the field of graphics and watercolor painting.

The participant of war with Japan, 1945.

Went to Russia in 1997.

Main exhibitions:

-"50 years of the MSSR", Kishinev, 1974.

-Dedicated To Owls. police, Chisinau,1977.

-"35 years of victory over Germany, Kishinev,1980

-"65 years of the USSR armed forces", Kishinev, 1983.

"Chisinau and the Chisinau residents", 1984, etc.

The artist's work was exhibited at the exhibition "Russian branch of pictorial tree of Moldova", organized by Association of Russian artists of Moldova "M-ART" dedicated to the Day of Russia in the exhibition hall skhm them. K. Brancusi, Chisinau, 06.2005 G.

B. 01.07.1927, Krasnaya (the Moscow region) excellence in radio and television of the USSR (1987). In Sergiev Posad in 1996. I lived in Ukraine. He served in the Pacific fleet (1944-48), and was treated in hospital invalids of the great Patriotic war (Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR, 1948-50).

Studied at the Kishinev Republican art College named. I. E. Repin (Kishinev, MSSR, 1950-55) K. V. Sadovskaya, V. N. Okushko (thesis "Concert on demand" (Kh, m) – owner. V. K. Sadowski). The artist-decorator of the Moldavian state theatre of Opera and ballet. A. S. Pushkin (Kishinev, Moldavian SSR, 1955-59), artistic Director of the Moldovan state television (Kishinev, Moldavian SSR, 1959-87). Member of the artists Union (1985).

Executed watercolors: "Karpaty" (1984), "the banks of the Amur river", "Night perch", "Genoese fortress", "seascape" (1986), "still life with pumpkin" (1987), "lilac", "Koshara" (both – 1990), "Kolomenskaya tower" (1995), "the walls of the monastery", "Church of Peter and Paul" (both 1997), "Autumn" (1901), "the tower of the monastery", "Early snow" (both 2002).

Participant of exhibitions (since 1974), including: all-Russian art exhibition "to Thy Name" (Moscow, 2000), "Autumn Salon" (Sergiev Posad, 2002, 2004), "Artists of Sergiev Posad" (Wiley, 2004).

The exhibition was held in 1989 (Bender, Moldavian SSR), 1993, 1995 (Kishinev, Moldavian SSR), 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 (Sergiev Posad).

Works of the artist are in the Museum of fine arts (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova), art gallery (Bendery, Moldova), private collections in USA, Israel, China.

Awarded: order of the Patriotic war II degree (1985), the medal "For Victory over Japan" (1945), "Medal of Zhukov" (1997), commemorative medals (1948-95).

CATALOGS: Autumn beauty-2002: the year of paintings, drawings and sculpture of the V exhibition. – Sergiev Posad, 2002. – S. 20. – Autumn salon-2004: K-g paintings, drawings and sculptures. – Sergiev Posad, 2004. P. 20. – PERIODICALS: Evening Chisinau. – 1990. – 14 Jan. (In the delicate colors of watercolor); 1990. – 30 Jan. (O. Sizov. Chisinau paints watercolors); 1994. – 8 Feb. (C. Russu. Poetry watercolors). Slavic newspaper (Chisinau). (E. Grishin. A long way in the big art). – Aktual (Chisinau). – 1997. – September 2 (budyanu. When trains go in one direction only). – Forward (Sergiev Posad). – 1999. – July 1. (I. Borisov. The acquisition of the artist); 2003. – September 25. (V. Kruchev. Hard lyrics Pavel Gromov). Mirror (Sergiev Posad). – 1999. – June 29. (N. Holodkova. Watercolors Of Pavel Gromov); 2002. – September 24. (N. Holodkova. Bouquet Posada); 2003. – September 12. (Watercolor fine lyrics). [82,83]

A. G.

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