Pavlovich Davydov

Russia • 1893−1967
Davydov, Aleksandr Pavlovich - Urals painter, one of the organizers of the Sverdlovsk Union of artists. Born September 3, 1893. Studied in pre-revolutionary time at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture.A member of the First World war. During the civil war served in the white Kolchak's army, then to paint the army. In 1925 in the city of Yekaterinburg, which has already become the Sverdlov, was created the Ural branch of AHRR - Association of artists of revolutionary Russia, an active member and participant of exhibitions (1925-27 g) of this first Union of the Soviet artists was Alexander Davydov. In the mid-1930s, the city of fame picture Davydov A. P. "the End of summer" (1936), depicting the harvest in the Ural collective farm village. It's mostly landscape, but with the obvious features of zerowaste - in the background people work. In 1937-1941.g. taught at Sverdlovsk art school. From the beginning of the war, the artist Alexander Davydov is working on a political poster and create agitatin "TASS Windows", as wrote the newspaper "Ural worker" 12.07. 1941. In 1944, A. P. Davydov was written paintings" Demidov Ural" and "construction." At that time A. P. Davydov was Chairman of the Board of Sverdlovsk regional branch of Union of artists of the USSR. In 1947, Davydov was written historical painting " Ermak on Chusovaya ." He painted landscapes, genre paintings and in the fifties and sixties. The family lived in the area that would accept a VISA, the artist's Wife, Margaret A. Davydov worked at one of wizowski schools,she was loved by children. In the spring of 1960 Davydov moved to a new home - town of Sverdlovsk, Lenin Avenue 62 building 1, entrance 1. This first building was inhabited by Sverdlovsk artists and their families - Masterovye, Hodinami, Gruzinim, Alekhine, Puchkovym, Egorovym, Sitnikova, Kondrachine, Vesnicie, Innymi, Suginami, Mosinee, Mineeven... Tall, straight, slim, Aleksandr Pavlovich Davydov neighbors were laconic, but friendly, under setochkoj mustache, sometimes a smile, gray eyes flashed with good light. Like he was not so much on the Soviet artist, as a Russian nobleman, officer of the Royal army retired. Apparently, it is a trace of his previous biography. With him often was the beloved wife is also very intelligent, slender, good-hearted, but smaller with brown eyes and silver gray hair curls Margarita Arkadievna. They had a grown daughter and a boxer named Kohl. Davydov died on 23 Oct 1967 at the seventy-fifth year of life. In the Sverdlovsk branch of Union of artists need such people to remember, to honor better. V. V. Egorov (Griva)
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