Ivanovich Gribkov

Russia • 1822−1893

July 4, 1822 (Kasimov Ryazan Province) - December 16, 1893 (Moscow)


The son of a small merchant, held in Kasimov merchant society.


Dedication and great working capacity fully compensated for the relatively late arrival of Sergei Ivanovich Gribkov to painting. Born in the town of Kasimov, Ryazan Province, S. Gribkov only in 1844 began learning artistic skills at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Students received in 1852 from the Academy of Fine Arts for the painting “Spanish Woman Praying in the Church” the title of a class artist, although he remained in the school until 1856. He worked further in various genres, creating a significant number of paintings in each of them. Works on everyday themes were combined with the artist with historical paintings, portraits were coexistent in terms of writing with canvases-illustrations of literary works. Let us name just some of the works created by the artist: Laundress, Boy with a cage, Schoolboy with a dog, Kiyevlyanin crosses the Dnieper under the arrows of the Pechenegs, Peasant cuts a sheep, Girl at the well, Cat and cook, Quarrel Ivan Ivanovich with Ivan Nikiforovich, Portrait of Dr. Mazurina, Lunch Khlestakov, Portrait N.A. Mosolov, Harvest Festival, Seeing a Recruit, Ksenia Godunova, Grandmother's Chest, Officer's Festive Day, Blessing of the Bride, Hide and Seek. In the last years of his rather long life, S.I. Gribkov worked on the paintings of a number of churches in Moscow (Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, the Archangel Michael in Ovchinniki, St. Nicholas on Maroseika) and the cathedral in Kursk.

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