Konstantinovich Dmitrievsky

Russia • 1923−2006

Born in the city of Zaraysk of Moscow province. Went to MOSS them. V. Surikov (1945 – 1951) G. Savitsky. Exhibitor exhibitions since 1945. Honored artist of the RSFSR (1965). Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

People's artist of the Russian Federation. Born in 1923 in Zaraysk Moscow region. From 1937 to 1939 he studied in the Studio of the all, in 1939 entered the Moscow secondary art school. From 1941 to 1942 was evacuated to the village of Voskresenskoe of the Bashkir ASSR. In 1942 Viktor was drafted into the Soviet Army. Until 1944 was a cadet, later as a platoon commander of the Moscow military engineering school. In the Studio of military artists named after M. B. Grekov since 1944. As part of the creative group of artists was aimed at the second and third Belarusian fronts. In 1945 participated in the liberation of Czechoslovakia. Demetrius - participant of exhibitions since 1944. From 1945 to 1951 he studied at the Moscow state art Institute named after V. I. Surikov without departing from the Studio Grekov. Member of the Moscow branch of Union of artists of the USSR since 1952. In 1965 he was awarded the title of honored artist of the RSFSR. In 1967 he worked on the restoration of the panorama "Borodino battle" by F. Roubaud. In 1969, Demetrius was appointed senior military artist Studio. Since 1976, Viktor K. – people's artist of the RSFSR. From 1978 to 1987, was chief of the creative Department of the Studio of military artists named after M. B. Grekov. From 1980 to 1982 the artist participated in the creation of panorama "Stalingrad battle", in 1995 - diorama "Dnieper Crossing" for the Central Museum of the great Patriotic war on Poklonnaya hill in Moscow.

Personal exhibitions:

"Motherland and soldiers" -1973 G. (Moscow, Leningrad, Lipetsk, Orel, Minsk, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary).

"Motherland and soldiers" - 2003 (Cultural center of the Armed forces named after M. F. Frunze, Moscow).

Awarded the order "badge of Honor", "Red Star", medals "For military merit" Diploma and a medal "Worthy" of the Russian Academy of arts. Works V. K. Dmitrievskiy are in the State Tretyakov gallery the Central Museum of Armed Forces in Moscow, other museums in Russia and the CIS, England, Austria, Denmark, Holland, France, USA.

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