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Aronovich Yakerson


from the catalog hood. the exhibition "15 years the red army":

...the original art education in Odessa, and then in Leningrad.

Independent work in the field of sculpture started in 1917 for three years was head of sculpture at the Vitebsk art school.

In addition to participating in exhibitions, performed a series of monuments (Marx, Lenin, Sverdlov).

Participated in several scientific expeditions to the Soviet Union.

Original art education he received at the Y. M. pan, first teacher of Marc Chagall. In the autumn of 1918 under the leadership of Marc Chagall worked in the Provincial Commission for the decoration of Vitebsk to the anniversary of the October revolution. Member of the Vitebsk UNOVIS (Asserters of New Art) — the Commonwealth of talented Russian avant-garde artists, led by Kazimir Malevich. The abundance and originality of Suprematist works Akerson 1920 — evidence of distinct refractive supremacist doctrine in his work.

"Bars" and "pyramid" graphic sheets Akerson turned into sculptural busts: Akerson — author of 10 projects of the monuments established in Vitebsk, Stavropol, Nevel, Lepage in 1920 — 1921.

The Exhibitor of the exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Russian sculptors (1926 — 1931).

The rejection experiments, the development of themes and subjects exclusively figural sculptures — a condition of survival Akerson, like other Soviet artists, and in 1930-ies.

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