Nikolaevich Dyakov

Russia • born in 1935

(R. 21.06.1935, der. Tykhonivka Kurgan region), sculptor, painter, graphic, member. CX USSR (1982). Father D. was a carpenter, the mother of the peasants. In 1938 the family arrived in Chebarkul. D. lost his father, who died in the defense of Leningrad in 1944. D. the student was engaged in drawing a circle with J. D. Mokhireva. In 1954 he enrolled in the Penza art. Uch-school them. K. A. Savitsky on beautifully-PED. office. In 1959 he graduated from Uch-school and returned to Chebarkul'. In 1965 he participated in the 1st. exhibition of young artists, 1967 – Rep.– “Young artists of Russia” (Moscow). In 1968 D. created in Chebarkul art, Roy worked for 24 years. D. belongs to a generation of artists-sixties, before it had always had a question, Dr. expression. Natural sense of monumentality evident in the early works of D. over the years, the art of D. acquired boswich. intonation. In the 70-80-ies of mn. worked in watercolors, creating simbolic. cycles “Village evening”, “Holidays, meetings, partings,” “When evening comes”, “blessed are the pure in heart.” The big place in creativity of the artist is Fig. D. works with traditional Mat Lamy (charcoal, pencil, ink, sanguine, pastel), and with a new, modern. (crayon, marker, grease pencil), combining them in all sorts of variations. D. party mn. region, resp., zones., proceedings of all-Union. exhibitions. Persons. exhibitions of the artist took place in the Exhibition hall of Union of artists of the RSFSR People., 1987; Barrow, 1988; COKG – exhibition of paintings, sculpture and drawings, 1995; exhibition Fig. in CACG, 1999. 1993 D. engaged and poet. creativity. In person ed-wah went 2 SB-ka of his poems,illustrated with reproductions of artist's works.

L. A. Sabelfeld

O h: the height of the blue: Poems, drawings. H, 1995; Stone on the water: Poems. H, 1997.

Lit.: Artists of the peoples of the USSR: Mobiblog. words. Vol. 3. M., 1976; Vasiliy Dyakov: Cat. works / Introd. article K. V. Fokina. H, 1987; K o l o V e R W I n a N. Enter through the narrow gate // Ural. 1992. No. 2; Vasiliy Dyakov: Cat. works / Introd. article by L. A. Sabelfeld. H, 1999; Vasyl Diakiv. Figure: Cat. works / Introd. article by L. A. Sabelfeld. H, 1999.

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