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Konstantinovich Toad

Russia • 1878−1942

Painter, watercolorist, artist books. Brother N. To. Toad

From 1899 to 1907 he studied at the Academy of Arts under P. Kovalevsky and F. Roubaud. He received the title of artist for the painting "On fire".

Participated in exhibitions since 1903. He was a member of the section of watercolorists society for the encouragement of arts, a founding member of the "Community of artists" (1908 – 1930).

In 1921 – 1929 took part in the exhibitions of the society of artists, individualists.

In 1965, in Bakhchisarai was an exhibition of works by Alphonse and Nina arranged

Nagaevsky E. V.

The artist's works are kept in museums of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, in private collections.

Painter and graphic artist. Born in the city of Tiflis. He studied at St. Petersburg Academy of arts (1899) P. Kovalevsky and F. Roubaud. In 1907 he received the title of artist for the painting "Fire". He was a member of the Association "Community of artists" (1910 – 1920s, one of its organizers). Exhibited from 1903. Participated in a hydrographic expedition to Murman and the island of Kolguyev, the result created a picturesque series of "far North" (1909). Performed posters for enterprises of Leningrad artists "Fighting pencil" (1941 – 1942), illustrated the Fables of I. Krylov. The artist's works were exhibited at international exhibitions (Amsterdam – 1912, London – 1938, etc.). Solo exhibition "Paintings and sketches of the far North" was held in St. Petersburg (1909) and Moscow (1937). Wrote battle compositions and landscapes. Lived and worked in Leningrad.

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