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Fedorovich Zhilyaev


Main artist Rubtsovsk Drama theatre

Honored worker of culture of the RSFSR (1969), the Veteran of work.

Born in the village Volchikha, Altai Krai. In 1926 the family moved to Rubtsovsk. Since the childhood was engaged in painting. In 1939 he entered the Moscow Institute of painting them. Surikov, to finish which was interrupted by the war. In the Siberian division fought on the fronts of the great Patriotic war. In 1943, after the front wounds began working as an artist in Rubtsovsk drama theatre, where he worked for more than thirty years. During this time they were issued more than 350 performances. Talented, creative approach, Y. Zhilyaev highly designed performances ("don't worry, mother!" "Vassa Zheleznova", "the Tale of the city of Rubtsovsk", "Her personal life", "Amnesty", "the Commandant of Berlin", "Wedding journey", "the Little Prince", "Wormwood", "the "father" - dash", etc.). In his work combined the simplicity of the scenery, expressiveness and accuracy. Honorary diploma from the Altai Krai Executive Committee for the preparation of productions of "the Scarlet flower", "the Sayan Ridges" and "Platon Krechet". He was a member of the city arts Council. Often spoke to students and young people with memories of the first pioneer detachment of Rubtsovsk. In 1969 was awarded the title "Honored worker of culture of the RSFSR". In the last years of his life he lived in Latvia, where he continued to paint.

Publish about the author:

1. Arsent'ev G. the Land on which we stand // the Communist appeal.-1997.-18 Nov.

2. Awarded the jubilee medal: On the award of the jubilee medal in honor of 60 anniversary of the Soviet Armed Forces // the Communist appeal.-1978.-1 November: photos

3. Zhilyaev, Yuri Fedorovich (1918-2002): an Obituary // Local time.-2002.-21 may.-C. 4

4. Honored people of the city of Rubtsovsk: Booklet

5. Kahikina M. A. Melpomene in Rubtsovsk // Kraevedcheskie Zapiski.-1997.-Vol. No. 2 .-S. 55-58

6. Cedars V. the Exam for the title of the person // the Communist appeal.-1976.-27 Nov.

7. Markov N. The conversation on purity // Altayskaya Pravda.-1977.-12 APR.

8. Recognition // the Communist appeal.-1970.-28 Nov.

9. Rubtsovsk drama theatre forty years: Leaflet / Publication]. The Department of culture Executive Committee. - Rubtsovsk, 1977

10. Streltsova V. Quiet! The play continues... // the Evening Rubtsovsk.-2001.-N 40.-P. 7

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