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Stepanovich Zhitenev


The Valerian Zhitenev S. was born 11 January 1902 in the village of Argenta Kozlovsky district, Tambov province in the family working.

In 1909 he enrolled in primary school in Saratov. In 1912, in connection with the relocation of the family in the Eastern Siberia (station Sludyanka Baikal railway) continues studying in a higher primary school, from which he graduated in 1915. In the same year he enrolled in the 2nd class of the Irkutsk secondary school and graduates from it, already the 2nd Swscale 2nd stage, in 1921.

The last two years, studying with breaks, since he has to work as a fitter and Turner in the workshops of the textbooks of the Central pedagogical Museum of the Irkutsk subarubrat.

In 1919 Vladislav zhitenyov he volunteered in the Red Guards (fighting Red Irkutsk railway squad), he participated in the battles against the troops of General Kappel near Irkutsk. In April 1920, in connection with the arrival of the red Army team was disbanded.

In 1918 he enrolled in evening classes at the art Studio of Irkutsk, in 1922, was adopted in the main contingent of students of the Studio, from which he graduated in 1925 Studies in the Studio combined with work. In 1922 he taught drawing in the 9th Irkutsk infantry school command, being called in ranks of red Army.

In 1925 after graduating from the art Studio on the ticket Rabis (trade Union member since 1923) V. S. Zhitenev was sent to Moscow in VHUTEMAS and accepted on the 1 course of the printing Department, from which he graduated in 1930 (VHUTEIN) in the specialty "artist-technologist". During study was engaged in on the course N. N. Of kupreyanov.

From 1927 Vladislav zhitenyov began working as a painter and decorator books in publishing houses and magazines of Moscow ("the Infidel", "Murzilka", "Young naturalist", "Friendly guys", "Around the world", "world Pathfinder"). In 1935 a number of other artists have fulfilled a special task of the Profintern (antiwar posters). At the same time, from 1931 to 1938, he worked as a teacher of drawing and lithography at the Polygraphic Institute, Moscow architectural Institute of fine arts in Architectural studios in Moscow and cartoon workshops Mosfilm. From 1937 to 1941 and arts editor of "Murzilki".

Since 1932 member of the graphic section Massha.

At the beginning of July 1941 he volunteered in the militia and participated in the battles, was wounded, awarded two medals. In 1943 he was enlisted into the Studio to them. Grekov worked as a war artist in the army. Some works of those years are stored in the Museum of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 on Poklonnaya hill. Demobilized in 1945.

After demobilization continued to work in publishing houses and magazines of Moscow as an Illustrator and designer of books (publishing houses "Young guard", "sports", nsra, etc.; journals — "Friendly guys", "Young farmer", "Around the world", "Hunting and hunting farm", etc.). In 1947-48. Vladislav zhitenyov art editor of the "Young farmer" in 1950 — head of Department of illustrations of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", in 1951-52 he was artistic editor of the publishing house "Physical culture and sport".

In 1952 Vladislav zhitenyov began working in the Moscow polygraphic Institute in absentia by the teacher. In 1960 he was elected to contest the post of acting assistant Professor of the Moscow polygraphic Institute, and in 1961 was approved in the academic title of Professor of drawing, painting and graphics.

At the Moscow polygraphic Institute he worked at the faculty of art design of printed materials up to 1970 when he retired.

Died April 5, 1974

Participation in exhibitions

1.Exhibition of printing. Moscow, 1928

2.Exhibition of drawing and engraving. Kiev, 1928

3.Exhibition graphics. Johannesburg, South Africa, 1931

4.Exhibition graphics. Ufa, 1928

5.Exhibition of young artists. Moscow, 1934

6.Exhibition of painting, drawing and sculpture. Moscow,1936

7.Exhibition of painting, graphics. Moscow, 1936

9.Exhibition graphics. Kharkov, 1938

10.World exhibition. Paris, 1938

11.The exhibition of participants of Patriotic war.Moscow,1946

12.The exhibition "roads of war". Moscow, 1959

13.The exhibition "15 years of Victory". Moscow, 1960

14.The exhibition "35 years of Victory". Moscow, 1980 (posthumously)

15.The exhibition "50 years Moshe". Moscow, 1982 (posthumously)

Note: between 1960 and 1980 it is also possible to participate in exhibitions.


1.Scale-table for color lithography. 1932-1933

The dial is printed in several copies, the text in the manuscript (lost).

2. Some peculiarities and regularities of a font. 1955

The manuscript text and illustrations.*

3. Methods of teaching drawing for the 1st course of the faculty of art, SPI. 1957

The manuscript text and illustrations.*

4. Graphic materials and drawing technique. 1959

Published abstracts.*

5. The technique of using visual AIDS-reproductions of fine arts in the teaching of drawing, painting, composition. 1960

Published abstracts.*


* May have been preserved in the archives of the RSC.

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