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Pavlovich Zhogolev

born in 1929

Biography and information


Thesis in the CVC - "On the waterfront", the rating is good. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of artist-painter.

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Originally manifested itself in the sphere of landscape. Thus, in spite of her fascination with the landscape is also known as the land of the wizard, figure compositions, portrait p still life. For twenty five years Zhogolev works with passion and youthful ardor. He to this day emotional tension in art is so great, like young fresh feelings and sensibility inexhaustible. In all genres of his work the subject of the image not blind us to the artist. On the contrary, we have interest in painting as a bright exponent of the author's view of things, human n nature. The blatant obviousness of the artist's presence is manifested in everything. Creative face Gogoleva need to be solved, it will open happily, warmly, without reserve, causing the viewer response and involuntary location.

Very often his paintings give a colorful image of human life together with nature. Shapes and silhouettes, rhythms, and patterns of urban Swingers and squat huts, bustling street crowd and the Seiners at the piers, the rapid of the highway and the beaten paths are woven into the landscape Gogoleva, fill them with boundless life force to experience what is before us is not nature, but nature, which is all - the continuation of artistic sensations, the second "I" of the painter. Even when the landscape is deserted, Zhogolev so beautifully thin, flexible, with knowledge of color says that you like to hear:

Various artists big picture is given only at the cost of loss of freshness, spontaneity, the thrill of a live form. These qualities Gogolevo very expensive. They manifest the soul of his paintings. He lovingly believes in the huge possibilities of colors to fully tell how he, Zhogolev, this world feels and experiences. The colour is often a major, noisy, blinding, as though excess of the midday sun. Favorite them yellow, pale pink, frosted white, light green, cyan-blue color to emit exciting the viewer emotional. Even in historical paintings, he strives not to lose the freshness of a sketch in color. With it, he always recreates, in addition to the event of the story, a kind of emotional aura around the scene. For example, in painting (1969) images of the peasant, yesterday's red army Budanova and his son-kids merge with the spring awakening of nature from ploughed land-the nurse in the image, full of anticipation a new and better life in a free post-revolutionary Russia.

Impulsiveness feelings, energy perception, as if improvisa - cinnosti beautiful implementation, characteristic of the artist, is fully expressed in the work (1967), depicting women on the path amongst Prairie grasses. This is one of the best paintings with a modern plot in the Primorsky art. Freely, masterfully combines Zhogolev joyfully sonorous decorative and scenic accurate truth relations with the celebratory vision of life. There is something innate artistic in the ability to see all manifestations of life as an expressive, colorful way.

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