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Diana, Actaeon caught

Georg Gaspar Joseph von Prener • Painting, 1743, 62 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Mythological scene
Style of art: Baroque
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1743
Size: 62 cm
Artwork in selections: 5 selections

Description of the artwork «Diana, Actaeon caught»

One day Actaeon was hunting with his friends in the woods of Cithaeron. It was a hot afternoon. Weary hunters settled down to rest in the shade of the thick forest, and the young Actaeon, separated from them, went to seek coolness in the valleys of Cithaeron. He went out on the green, blooming valley Galatia [Valley in Boeotia the same spring, which is across the valley was a stream.], dedicated to the goddess Artemis.

Luxuriantly grown in the valley of the plane trees, Myrtle and fir; as the dark arrow stood on her slender cypresses and green grass was full of flowers. Clear Creek murmured in the valley. Everywhere reigned silence, peace and coolness. In the steep slope of the mountain saw Actaeon a beautiful grotto, all entwined with greenery. He went to this grotto, not knowing that the grotto is often the resting place of the daughter of Zeus, Artemis.

When Actaeon came to the grotto, there just entered the Artemis. She gave the bow and arrow one of the nymphs and was getting ready to bathe. The nymph took the goddess sandals, hair tied the knot, and already wanted to go to the Creek to scoop up the icy water, such as at the entrance to the grotto seemed Actaeon. Screamed the nymphs, Actaeon catching sight of the incoming.

They surrounded Artemis, they want to hide it from the eyes of a mortal. Just as the purple fire lights the clouds the rising sun, so sardelas paint angry face of the goddess, the anger flashed in her eyes, and more beautiful she became. Angry at the Artemis that Actaeon violated her peace of mind, in anger, Artemis turned Actaeon into a coherent unfortunate deer.

Branched horns grew on the head of Acteon. Legs and arms turned to legs of a deer. Stretched his neck, pointed ears, spotted fur covered the entire body. Timid deer turned to run away. Acteon saw his reflection in the stream. He wants to exclaim: "Oh no!" - but he has no gift of speech. Tears rolled down from his eyes-but the eyes of the deer. Only the mind of man remained in him. What should he do? Where to go?
Dogs of Actaeon sensed the trail of the deer; they did not recognize his master, and with furious barking ran after him.

Through the valley through the gorges of Cithaeron, through the rapids of the mountains, through the woods and fields as the wind swept lovely deer, throwing it on the back antlers, and behind him raced dogs. Closer and closer the dogs, so they caught up with him, and their sharp teeth dug into the body of the unfortunate Actaeon-stag. Wants to shout Actaeon: "Oh, mercy! It's me, Actaeon, your master!" - but only a moan comes out of the chest of a deer, and heard this groaning sound of the human voice. He fell on his knees the deer Actaeon. Grief, fear, and the plea visible in his eyes. Inevitable death -- tearing his body to pieces mad dogs.

Came to the rescue comrades Actaeon sorry, that is not with them in this happy fishing. Marvelous deer hounded by dogs. Didn't know comrades Actaeon, who is this deer. Since the death of Actaeon, have disturbed the peace of the goddess Artemis, the only mortal who saw the heavenly beauty of the daughters of the Thunderer Zeus and Leto.
N. Coon are set out on the poem of Ovid "Metamorphoses"