Anatolyevich Zagoskin

Russia • born in 1954

Born in 1954 Vozhgaly. Vyatka.

1973 Graduated from art school Kirovskoe otd. easel painting.

1981 he Graduated from VGIK - all Union state Institute of cinematography faculty of the film.

Member of the Union of artists.

Member of the Union of cinematographers.

Udostoen the title of "Master" in the nomination "painting" at the international festival of arts "Master class", 2002

Participated in more than 150 exhibitions in Russia and abroad.


1991 - gallery of modern art, Saint-Petersburg.

1993 - gallery "Grunau", Berlin.

1993 - in the Studio of F. Leger, Paris.

1995 - gallery "Condat", Berlin.

1998 - gallery "Palette", St. Petersburg.

2000 - gallery "Palette", St. Petersburg.

2001 - "Modern Art Gallery", St. Petersburg.

2003 - gallery "Northern capital", Saint-Petersburg.

2005 - gallery "Grand Art", St. Petersburg.


Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

University Museum, St. Petersburg.

Museum of fine arts, Ekaterinburg.

Art gallery, Novosibirsk.

Art gallery, Tomsk.

Art gallery, Kirov.

The Museum of Modern art, Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Art gallery, Irkutsk.

In private collections of Russia, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland

Since 1981 he worked for to/from "Lennauchfilm" art Director, artist, animator. Participated in the creation of over 20 animated films, with such Directors as: Volkov, E. Korolenko, A. Vasiliev, A. Makarov, etc.

Took 2 films as a Director-animator.

Since 1985 working on the "thumbnail", artist-postanovschik more than 10 paintings:

to the Gardener, dir. V. Buturlin.

to "Guard", dir. A. Rogozhkin.

to "Miss Millionaire", dir. A. Rogozhkin.

the "Anna Karamazoff", dir. R. Khamdamov, "Mosfilm".

Grand Prix at the international film festival in Moscow, to/K "I - Ivan, You - Abram", dir. I. Zoberman. "Setprinter". Coat

Prize "Golden eagle" in the category "Best production designer for the "poor, Poor Paul", dir. V. Melnikov.

to "Own, someone else's life", dir. A. Rogozhkin.

the "Stolypin", dir. Yuri Kuzin. Illustrations for children's books, fiction literature.


"The art of Leningrad", the journal, 1989-1990.

"New world of art" magazine, 1999.

"Kunst Project", Berlin, 1999.

"Acquaviva Picena Publishing", Italy, 1998.

"Art Times", St.-Petersburg, 2000.

"Nomi", Saint-Petersburg, 2001.

The newspaper "Frame", Saint-Petersburg, 2003.

The Newspaper "Evening Petersburg", Saint-Petersburg, 2004

"Art City", St. Petersburg, 2004.

The Newspaper "Dragonfly", Saint-Petersburg, 2004.

Private collections: A. Rogozhkin, A. Jankowski, N. Grace L. Evdokimova, brothers Noskin, I. Shilov, A. V. Shvetsov, I. Zoberman (Paris), Jean-Pierre Duret, Roland Busse (Germany), Nicolo Desideri (Italy), etc.

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