Ivanovich Ivanov


A talented representative of the Russian classicism of the first decades of the nineteenth century. Andrey Ivanovich Ivanov from early childhood in the Academy of arts, imbibed a respect for design, composition, topic, color of created paintings. A graduate of the Academy (1782-1797), pupil of G. I. Ugryumova. Received medals: in 1795 - 1 silver; in 1796 - 2 silver; in 1797 - 1 gold for the painting of his own composition, "Noah, upon leaving the ark, brings a sacrifice to God"; then he received the diploma of 1 degree with a sword; he was left at the Academy of Arts pensioner "for vassago in the arts of knowledge." In 1798 determined by the teacher of drawing at the Academy of arts; in 1800, recognized as "designated".

Andrey Ivanov talent embodied in his paintings of biblical scenes and mythological subjects, Russian history.

In 1803 he received the title of academician for the painting "Adam and eve with children under a tree." In the same year was appointed associate Professor; in 1806 the title of Advisor to the Academy of Arts. In 1812 he was awarded the title of Professor of the Academy for his film "the single Combat of Mstislav Udaloy with cooskin Prince Regeda in 1022 year." Talent as a teacher A. I. Ivanov almost exceeds the talent of the painter, for his pupils included the two giants of Russian academic painting: the son of Aleksandr Ivanov and Karl Bryullov. In 1821, a senior Professor.

But, as usual, not only in Russia, the talent is not synonymous with prosperity. Ivanov's painting "the Death of General Kulneva" (1827-1830) was the cause of the Royal anger. By order of Emperor Nicholas I of painting of Professor A. I. Ivanov dismissed (1831) from the Academy of fine arts. However, the painter cannot change himself. He tirelessly works: writes the picture, makes a lot of drawings involved in the design of temples and churches.

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