Yakovlevich Salzman

Russia • 1912−1985

In 1932 he graduated from the State Institute of art history in Leningrad. Arrived in Almaty in 1943, worked as an artist at the "Kazakhfilm", and in 1955 - the main artist. In 1967 he joined the Union of artists of the USSR. Taught a course in art history at KazPI them. Abai Died in 1986 in Almaty.

Born in Kishinev in the family of a military officer of the Russian army. He studied at the decorative Department of the First state artistic Studio in Leningrad and at the same time at the State Institute of art history. From the 1920s began working as an Illustrator in Leningrad magazines "Rezets", "Perelom", "Construction", "Young proletarian". In 1929 he met with P. Filonov, became his follower, in 1930, began attending the "School of masters of analytical art". Member of the Leningrad branch of Union of artists of the USSR since 1930. He worked at the Studio "Lenfilm" under the leadership of A. Arapov, was art Director of several films. Survived the siege of Leningrad in 1943 was evacuated to Kazakhstan, where he was assigned to the COKS ("Central United film Studio of the country"). After the war, remained at Alma-ATA art Director of the Studio "Kazakhfilm" (from 1955 – the chief artist of the Studio). Honored art worker of the Kazakh SSR. He taught art history at Alma-ATA art school, architecture school, screenwriting course at the Studio "Kazakhfilm". Graphic and pictorial works are in the Tretyakov gallery, the Russian Museum, the Museum of. Pushkin, the State Museum of arts of Kazakhstan and others.

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